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Charles dada is back with another single “Cast Your Cares”, which was executively produced by Grammy award nominee Travis Greene. As his first release of the year, the long-awaited fourth single from Charles Dada kicked off with a viral instagram challenge titled #COCTrain, with a number of people jumping on the train with their various renditions of the song before its release date.

A strong follow up from his last release back in July 2018 entitled “New Man”, which debuted at number one on the iTunes Christian and Gospel charts, #4 on the astepfwd UK Christian charts,  added to the UCB playlist under UCBUNDISCOVERED and he was also a gospel touch award and GXMMA award nominee in 2018

“For my yoke is easy to bear and my burden is light”
Matthew 1 1:30

Capturing the essence of the depth of this Bible passage, Charles Dada invites us to liberate ourselves from our own burdens and giving it all to the Lord. Life is not always easy and light. It’s full of trials and tests.

There are issues and concerns within every individual and within our communities that have caused fear, uncertainty, anxiety, and disbelief. Yet, despite the challenges and difficulties, life brings our way, we take solace in knowing that we have a friend who will help ease our burden and make our journey in life sustainable? 

Amidst all the suffering and pain, if we adhere to him, learn from him and keep his word, life will be made lighter simply because God lives in us.

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Cast Our Cares

Artist :
Title : Cast Our Cares
Release Date : February 19, 2019
Label :
Format : Digital Download